Web Scraping and Data Analysis via Python

I recently completed a project analyzing movie revenues against factors such as genre, release date, and viewer rating. A project for a beginner data scientist, and I enjoyed it. But as I was gathering the data, I grew more curious. This developed into a project of its own. I learn a ton, especially about web scraping, as I did this, so I’m hoping somebody else may learn by reading about it.

What other factors could affect a movie’s reception?

The problem with answering such a vague question is the need to gather data. Even just coming up with a list…

Time series analysis in python



Investigate and predict the average housing prices in the next two years using various zip codes in Springfield, MO. Use data from 1996 to 2018 and various time series models to determine which zip code would be the best investment to buy houses in.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Analyzing 15,000 different zip codes (the entirety of the Zillow dataset) isn’t very feasible, so after looking at the data we have decided to focus on the six zip codes in one city: Springfield, Missouri. Since we are only interested in analyzing the trends over time, we will remove the unnecessary columns from our dataset…



Tanzania is a developing country that struggles to get clean water to its population of 57 million as part of an ongoing competition at DrivenData, this projects goal was to predict the functionality of water wells given data provided by Taarifa and the Tanzanian Ministry of Water.

This is a ternary classification problem: all points are either functional, nonfunctional, or functional and in need of repair. The data has 39 independent variables relating to the management, use, and location of the pumps. …

For my course in Data Science, I performed a linear regression model on the sales of houses in King County. Data for sales in 2014 and 2015 was provided, and Python was used to do the modeling. This is a rundown of my first linear regression modeling project. For the full code, see the Github repo: https://github.com/MullerAC/king-county-house-sales

Business Case

It is important to establish a business case when starting a project like this. This is to create a goal and help move towards a meaningful conclusion. My last blog post’s project didn’t have any real goal, so it just stopped when I…

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Student of Data Science

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